TrueWAN Trivia and history

Below is a bit of trivia info for the new residents and other interested parties.
True Technologies was started in Kouga in 2000 and in 2006 we built our own TrueWAN (WAN means WideAreaNetwork) as ICASA licensed ISP & WISP (wireless internet service provider). We have been a trusted ISP long before ADSL was available in Kouga! We were also a role-player with other WISPs throughout SA for reduced fees, increased bandwidth and offering services in remote and unserved areas and move away from the monopoly created by Telkom other state-owned telecoms and internet service providers.

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Upgrades! - August 2023 Newsletter

We are excited to inform you about some significant improvements and changes to our TrueWAN wireless packages. We are providing all our existing TrueWAN clients with enhanced speed, up to three times faster than before, for the same price or even less. Although the speed increase has already been implemented, the product charges will only be adjusted on your next TrueWAN invoice in September.

Over the past few months, we have been working diligently on our TrueWAN Wireless network infrastructure, upgraded our backhaul enterprise fibre and millimeter-wave wireless infrastructure and data-centre upgrades. We are pleased to report that these enhancements have resulted in a significant leap in the reliability of our own services, outperforming fibre in terms of dependability and consistency of throughput. Our next generation WAN network is now much more agile, resilient, secure, dynamic, and growing day by day.

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Internet price updates February 2023

Please note that our Internet prices for 2023 has been updated. It may be that you still have the previous version of our prices in your browser cache.

The latest TrueWAN Memorandum of Agreement and pricing can be found over here.


Truewan Fibre

True Technologies now also offers to the Kouga area and nationally! TrueWAN Fibre can be installed at Homes, Townhouses, Flats and other larger developments at no cost to unit owner/ occupant during the FTTH roll-out phase.

We have partnered with National 3rd Party Fibre providers who offers “Open Access” Fibre Networks – meaning that once the Fibre TP & ONT is installed, you can choose your ISP to sign up with. Your chosen Fibre package from us or other ISP will be activated as soon as the Fibre in the area goes live.

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True Technologies feature in WAPA video

WAPA, established in 2006, is a non-profit trade association acting as a collective voice for the wireless industry. WAPA’s primary objective is to promote the growth of the wireless industry by facilitating self-regulation, promoting best practices, and educating both members and the market about new wireless technologies and business models. WAPA offers its members regulatory advice, technical training, a code of conduct, a forum for knowledge-sharing and business-enablement opportunities.

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