True Technologies cc is a proud member of WAPA. Wireless Access Providers’ Association (WAPA), established in 2006, is a non-profit IRB (industry representative body) acting as a collective voice for independent wireless operators in South Africa.

WAPA’s primary objective is to ensure the sustainability of the wireless access services market. WAPA facilitates self-regulation of the outdoor fixed wireless and indoor nomadic wireless industries. WAPA is positioned to be an interface between the government regulator (ICASA), network operators, service providers and consumers

WAPA’s membership is differentiated from other wireless providers by their focus on using open standard wireless technologies (Wifi). WAPA offers its members regulatory advice, a code of conduct, an enforcement process and a forum for sharing knowledge and resolving technical problems.

As a WAPA member, we subscribe to their Code of Conduct,  which contains rules and regulations for providing wireless services. Consumer complaints about WAPA members are handled by WAPA’s management committee. Because WAPA members are bound by a code of conduct you will find that the most reputable outdoor fixed wireless providers (WISPs) in South Africa belong to WAPA.

WAPA Website: www.wapa.org.za


ISPA Code of Conduct

Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA)
Address: PO Box 518
Telephone: 010 500 1200
Take-down notice email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Take-down notice information and form: https://ispa.org.za/tdn/
ISPA is True Technologies' agent for the purpose of receiving take-down notifications in terms of section 75 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.
In terms of section 75 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act ("the Act") True Technologies has designated the Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA) as an agent to receive notifications of infringements as defined in Section 77 of the Act.
True Technologies cc is a member of ISPA - The Internet Service Providers' Association, and is therefor committed to uphold and abide by the ISPA Code of Conduct.

ISPA Website: www.ispa.org.za




True Technologies cc is operating legally as a Wireless Internet Service Provider and has the following national ICASA licences:

  • Individual Electronic Communications Services (IECS). Download.
  • Electronic Communications Network Services (IECNS) ICASA licenses. Download.

ICASA Website: www.icasa.org.za

Contact Details

True Technologies cc
Tel: +27 42 293 4168
Fax: +27 42 293 1851
Support: support@true.co.za
Sales: sales@true.co.za
Accounts: accounts@true.co.za

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