TrueWAN Trivia and history

Below is a bit of trivia info for the new residents and other interested parties.
True Technologies was started in Kouga in 2000 and in 2006 we built our own TrueWAN (WAN means WideAreaNetwork) as ICASA licensed ISP & WISP (wireless internet service provider). We have been a trusted ISP long before ADSL was available in Kouga! We were also a role-player with other WISPs throughout SA for reduced fees, increased bandwidth and offering services in remote and unserved areas and move away from the monopoly created by Telkom other state-owned telecoms and internet service providers.

We connected our first store at the Spar centre to our then main branch in CBD (currently Brewhaha). Our home office was also connected via our first wireless tower on the Paradise water tower and a highsite on a roof of a home between Wavecrest & CBD. We have since then upgraded all our TrueWAN wireless equipment and infrastructure a few times over to keep up to industry standards. We are proud to say that we have a couple of clients who have remained TrueWAN clients since then!

Due to the owner, Anton Ekermans’ programming expertise and visionary network design, TrueWAN operates as a Software-Defined Network (SDN) which enables us to offer secure and tailor-made solutions for home and business clients.

Our ability to offer unique products with the flexibility to combine multiple sites, function as a fibre failover connection and the ability to hibernate your internet service when not in use. This availability comes at a huge cost to us in terms of the wireless infrastructure management, the latest WiFi equipment which we supply, maintain and upgrade when needed.

We have therefor decided to increase our minimum service charges to help reduce the CAPEX. These services remain competitive and often a fraction of the cost of normal telephone lines & PBX services. Also, FTTH/FTTB solutions, while useful for bulk data-transfer, have proven to be disappointing due to their susceptibility to errors and extended repair times.

We have several clients who cancelled their Fibre service and reverted to TrueWAN wireless for a better overall service. As ISP we have little or no control over the Fibre Network Operator's performance and service. FTTH is a best effort service with 3-4 day support time. For this reason, clients opted to keep their Wireless as Failover, to ensure minimum downtime in internet connection.

FYI: Did you notice that True Technologies’ name is displayed when doing a speedtest, we would appreciate it if you could rate our service upon completing a speedtest here

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