Installation Options

The following diagrams describe the main options in which your connection to us could be configured. Please identify the one that closest resembles your installation.

  • The most basic installation connecting the CPE with 1 PC for Internet access.

  • Basic Installation with a switch to connect multiple PC’s with Ethernet cable.

  • Basic Installation with a Wi-Fi router to connect PC’s and Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet.


  • Combination of swich andt Wi-Fi to connect many PC’s.


  • Basic installation to connect 1 PC to the Internet as well as a VOIP telephone connection.



  • Basic installation connecting PC’s and Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet as well as a VOIP telephone>

    connection.  Please note that the Fax ATA connects exactly the same as a SIP ATA.

  • Telephone and Wi-Fi only.

Contact Details

True Technologies cc
Tel: +27 42 293 4168
Fax: +27 42 293 1851

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