Monthly Variable Costs

Internet Data Bundles

Capped Internet data bundles - speed up to 30 Mbps:

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With the capped options you can decide whether you want to be stopped when you have reached your cap, or whether you want the system to add to your cap automatically at your package's rate for additional data. If you decide on the latter option you can choose the bundle you want to be upgraded with. 

Notifications – the standard for the system is to send an email once a day when you have reached 80% of you cap. It can however be set to send an email every day regardless of usage, or check your usage manually.


Uncapped Internet data bundles:

Uncapped - No shaping or FUP throttling


Telephone calls

All standard Telkom numbers in SA R 0,40 per minute (billed per second)
All Cellular Networks in SA R 1,00 per minute (billed per second)
International calls, sample price list for illustration only: (Please ask for full pricelist)
England (442) R 0,37 per minute
USA (120/1/2) R 0,38 per minute
Australia (612/3/7/8) R 0,46 per minute

Internal calls: Any call to another phone user on our system is free – 24 / 7. Calls can be transferred to another TrueVoIP extension (free), or transferred to a landline or cellphone number (call charges apply)

Fax options

  • Fax to Email: documents are scanned and emailed as an attachment. Free to receive only, or R10 per month to send and receive.

  • TrueFax:  Your fax machine or 4-in-1 printer plugs into the TrueFax router and sends faxes as usual. Lower rate per fax, monthly line rental of R80.

Fax to email, per minute in South Africa

  • Receive (FREE)

  • To Send - R10 per month + fax call charge
Major Cities: Joburg, PTA, PE, Durban, Cape Town 011, 012 etc R 1,06
Local or other Cities   R 2.24
Fax to Mail 0865 R 1.60
Fax to Mail 0861 R 2.38
Fax to Mail 0866 R 3,87


TrueFax Rates, per minute in South Africa

SA Telkom Direct Fax 0880 R 0,90
SA Telkom Local 010 R 0,52
SA Telkom Local 011 R 0,52
SA Telkom MaxiCall 0861 R 0,75
SA Telkom National 01 R 0,64
SA Telkom National 02 R 0,64
SA Telkom National 03 R 0,64
SA Telkom National 04 R 0,64
SA Telkom National 05 R 0,64
SA Telkom PRS - Fax-2-Mail 0865 R 1,50
SA Telkom PRS - Fax-2-Mail 0866 R 1,50
SA Telkom Toll Free 080 R 0,00
SA Other 0 R 1,85
Mfax on net Mfax R 0,00

For more info, contact True Technologies at  +27 (0) 42 293 4168

Contact Details

True Technologies cc
Tel: +27 42 293 4168
Fax: +27 42 293 1851

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