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TrueWAN3.0 - Internet on Rocket Fuel

What is TrueWAN3.0?

  • We've been upgrading TrueWAN to be more robust, faster, quicker and better.
  • Improvements on our high sites: More batteries, more solar panels, introducing wind power, diesel generators and more robust power measurement, management and monitoring equipment. Redundant equipment to minimize any possible downtime.
  • Carrrier-grade equipment to give better performance, less interference, lower delays and higher network speeds with drastically improved reliability.
  • Bypassing Telkom and the local telecoms exchange completely, we can now give a faster and more stable Internet experience than ever before.
  • Larger, faster servers with lots more storage space. Better software to manage and monitor.
  • Better spam anti-virus and spam protection. Better security and firewall monitoring. More cameras to monitor vandalism and theft, better security and vandal-proof equipment.
  • Faster E-mail, better VoIP quality. Cheaper services, cheaper VoIP calls, faster installs and response times.

TrueWAN 3.0 is much more robust & faster than 'previous era' TrueWAN

- although it is a "growing-into", rather than a "switching-over" so the changes come gradually and will keep on coming.

Would you like to sign up for TrueWAN3?

Click here to download the TrueWAN3 INFOSHEET.

Click here to download the TrueWAN3 APPLICATION FORM.

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Tel: +27 42 293 4168
Fax: +27 42 293 1851

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