What We Offer

Below follows a list of the services we offer. 

  • TrueWan
  • TrueVoice
  • TrueConnect
  • TrueHost
  • TrueFax
  • TrueNetwork
  • TrueSoftware
  • TrueServer
  • TrueSupport
  • TrueCover

Internet Connection and Data


A high speed connection to the Internet is the backbone of all our services. We provide both capped and uncapped solutions:

Capped Internet packages:

From as little as 500MB to as much as you want – we can supply your need. Capped Internet is premium unshaped and unthrottled bandwidth. When it comes to capped Internet, unlike most ISP’s, we will not charge you more for higher speed connections – we sell you data and the quicker we can get that data to you the better for you and us.

Uncapped Internet packages:

Although our uncapped Internet is also unshaped, it is throttled based on our fair usage policy, and also subject to contention – meaning many users compete for the same amount of available bandwidth. Contention influences connection speed, especially during peak usage times and should be used with this in mind. These options might not be suitable if you require a stable and high speed connection, consistently. A scalable fixed-speed uncapped option is available for users who need uncapped without speed reduction/throttling. Contact us for more information.

Best of both worlds:

Understanding the need for some to do a lot of downloads on a uncapped package, as well as having capped speed when needed, we have developed this option. You can switch between capped and uncapped as you want on each PC, or have some PC's on uncapped and some on capped.

Further Information & Downloads:

VOIP & PBX Hardware and Configuration


TrueVoice, which is commercially known as VOIP or Voice over IP, is a fairly new development that has only become well known over the past 4 years. This technology allows you to make a normal voice telephone call over an Internet connection – which directly means lower prices as minimal additional infrastructure is needed to offer a Voice service – hence the lower prices we are able to offer.

To explain the high call rates even further: The largest contributing factor to high voice call charges in South Africa is a term called Interconnect – and refers to the rates the large voice companies charge one another to route calls between them. So, for us to place a call to Telkom, we have to pay Telkom a fee per minute. The inflow of more voice providers and especially VOIP providers has put pressure on the Interconnect system and has driven prices down - predominantly through government intervention. Hopefully we will see Interconnect driven down even further!

The biggest cost saver on the TrueVoice network is that all calls to other TrueVoice users are mahala – yes they’re for free – and not just some times – all the time - 24/7!

In addition to our VOIP services, we also offer PBX (private branch exchange) solutions. This is a private telephone network, used by most medium-sized and larger businesses because it's much less expensive than connecting an external telephone line to every telephone in the organization. We offer PBX services under 2 main options: Hosted PBX, where the PBX functionality is provided by our equipment and managed by us – all you have to do is purchase the telephone handsets. There is a range of services which could be used, such as IVR, ring-groups, queues, etcetera. The second PBX option would be to purchase your own PBX, which would be a better option for those with larger installations and those that want more direct control over their telephone systems. We make use of open source IP based PBX systems as part of this solution. These systems can consist of as few as 2 handsets and as large as a couple of hundred handsets, with full PBX functionality.

Network Connectivity


By connecting you to our WAN (Wide Area Network), we are able to establish secondary connections between different clients within the network. If you had two separate “locations” on our network, for instance one point at your office and another at your home, we could connect these points, whether these are right next door or in two separate towns.

The TrueConnect service even allows for data streaming like IP video, it also allows for offsite hosted backups to secure your vital data.

Fax solutions


In order to deliver the most structured and reliable fax services, we have partnered with Pangea to deliver TrueFax, a fantastic digital to analogue solution.

You can access all the standard fax to fax and fax to email functionality from anywhere, using your personal web based portal. Easily pull detailed historic reports and track all the faxes you've sent and received, from one place. Welcome the end to all your Fax problems, TrueFax transfers your fax in the form of a digital file over an Internet connection, delivering it to the Pangea servers that will actually make the fax call on your behalf, providing you with convenience and peace of mind.

Installation and Maintenance of Server Systems


As technology is at the center of everything that we do, we are well adept at the building, configuration and maintenance of high end servers. We primary use the Linux operating system, as we believe Open Source to be the way of the future.

We can provide you with everything from simple FTP (file transfer protocol) servers, email and VOIP servers, to mass storage and SAN servers, and powerful blade machines hosting multiple virtual servers.

Email Account Hosting


Through our email hosting service, we manage your domains and personalised email addresses on our network, any data traffic generated by these email accounts will be included and free of charge. Please contact us for more information or for a personalised quotation.

IT Support, Repairs & Sales


Do you have a server or personal computer that needs to be configured, maintained or repaired? We offer a wide range of support services, specifically tailored to suit small and medium sized businesses. These range from the procurement, installation and maintenance of file servers, backup servers, active directory servers for file security and authentication, web servers or terminal servers for the hosting of websites and intranets, as well as the licensing of all the required software. As a Certified Microsoft Partner, you can rely on us to provide you with the most reliable and professional service.

Our entire team is committed to forging long-term relationships with customers, assisting them in growing their businesses, through shared ideas and innovative solutions. Because of the trust our clients place in our technical expertise and excellent service with a personal touch, we have enjoyed fruitful business relationships with many of our clients for several decades.

You can be assured that both your short and long term needs will be addressed, as we look at your entire business in order to plan and implement a holistic set of services that you would most benefit from. Through service contracts or on-call support, you are assured that our response times are quick and tasks are handled with efficiency, while being mindful of your budget as well as your overall goals.

We will design, install cabling and support your LANs (local-area networks), WANs (wide-area networks), wireless networks, Internet, email and intranet systems.

Your computer is useless without a operating system and some software to go along with that. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner for all Microsoft software and licences.

True Technologies stores provide products for businesses as well as for personal use. We offer many components including: memory modules, storage products, software, cases, monitors, and many other peripherals. Besides PC components, we have ink and toner cartridges for over 500 different printer models.

Whatever your technical problem might be, we can help. For a free onsite assessment and personalised quotation, contact us today.

Development of Custom Software


We develop Professional custom software. With 20+ years of experience and a vast range of applications and client/server solutions using Delphi, with client/server Interbase servers.

Applications developed include: 

  • WISP management system
  • Mass Valuation software
  • Appointment & calendar management
  • Job-Management software
  • Contact management, word processing and mail merge
  • Accounting systems
  • Various other utilities



We design and install cabling and give support to your LANs (Local-area networks), WANs (wide-area networks), wireless networks, Internet, email & intranet systems.

Please note that we do not offer these support services in all areas. Phone your closest call center to confirm.

Equipment Cover


We offer Client Premises Equipment

(CPE & POE) cover at R30pm.

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